Wera 7 Pce VDE Kraftform Plus PH & Flat Head Screwdriver Set


Includes 6 different screwdrivers, 1 voltage tester and 1 organization rack.

Made in Czech Republic.


Wera 7 Pce VDE Kraftform Plus PH & Flat Head Screwdriver Set

  • Rough lasertip-drive prevents slipping out of the screw head.
  • Easy tool identification with handle marking with screw symbol and size.
  • Multicomponent Kraftform handle provides ergonomic and powerful screwdriving action.
  • Smooth and hard surface for easy re-positioning.
  • Fast and comfortable grip.
  • Integral hex-shoulder, so tools stay where you put them.
  • Convenient tool organization rack included.

The whole hand is in contact with the handle. The smooth hard zones move through the hand like wheels when repositioning the hand on the handle. The easy-to-grip soft zones provide optimal contact zones for the muscles of the hand to transfer a high amount of torque.

Included screwdriver sizes:

Flat Head 2.5mm x 80mm | 3.5mm x 100mm | 4.0mm x 100mm | 5.5mm x 125mm

Pozidrive PZ1 x 80mm | PZ2 x 100mm

Flat Head 3.0mm x 70mm Voltage Tester

VDE, Insulated Tools

Made in Czech Republic.

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