Wera 18 Pce VDE Kraftform Kompakt Screwdriver Set


Includes 16 different interchangeable screwdrivers, 1 Multicomponent Kraftform VDE hand-held bit holder, 1 voltage tester and 1 organization pouch.

Made in Czech Republic.

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Wera 18 Pce VDE Kraftform Kompakt Screwdriver Set

  • Multicomponent Kraftform VDE hand-held bit holder.
  • Smooth and hard surface for easy re-positioning.
  • Fast and comfortable grip.
  • Integral hex-shoulder, so tools stay where you put them.
  • Convenient tool organization pouch included.

Wera’s Kompakt tools are suitable for both types of screwdriving process – manual and power tool. Often the type of operation only becomes apparent on the site. The compact design of the handle/interchangeable blade system with various tips makes users mobile and flexible with a minimum amount of space being taken up. A safety tool in a compact design. Kraftform handle and interchangeable VDE blades in a handy pouch.

Included interchangeable screwdriver sizes:

Flat Head 2.5mm x 154mm | 3.5mm x 154mm | 4.0mm x 154mm | 5.5mm x 154mm

Philips PH1 x 154mm | PH2 x 154mm

Pozidrive PZ1 x 154mm | PZ2 x 154mm

PH-S PH/S1 x 154mm | PH/S2 x 154mm

PZ-S PZ/S1 x 154mm | PZ/S2 x 154mm

Square VK 6.3 x 89mm | VK 8.1 x 89mm

Triangular DK x 89mm

FL FL x 89mm

Flat Head 3.0mm x 70mm Voltage Tester

VDE, Insulated Tools

Made in Czech Republic.

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