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Van Security Tips

Van Security Tips

Protect Your Van

Don't forget to empty your van at night.
Of course, the best way to avoid having your tools stolen from your van is to not leave them in there in the first place. It may take a little longer to empty your van at the end of each day, but that is nothing compared to the time and trouble involved in replacing your tools, equipment and products. A clearly empty van, or one marked as being empty with prominent stickers, is unlikely to be such a target for thieves.

Van theft is unfortunately a common story told by our customers on a daily basis. It is easy to assume that you will not be a victim but with the statistics so high, your vehicle or tools could be extremely vulnerable. It is extremely expensive not only financially but also in time to sort out replacing stolen items. Here we have listed a few additional van security ideas, which can help keep your tools safe & your van insurance premiums down.

  • Deadlocks: the simplest extra security measure is to add extra locks. Deadlocks are a popular choice, with a solid steel bolt that secures the door or hatch to a reinforced socket in the frame of the vehicle. These need to be operated manually, using a key, but are among the safest solutions you can buy.
  • Slamlocks: an alternative to the deadlock is the slamlock, which engages automatically when the door or hatch is closed, much like a Yale lock on a front door. These are not as strong, but have the advantage that you do not need to remember to lock them.
  • Window security: having secured your doors, the next thing to consider is your windows. These can be either blanked out or covered with a grille to prevent thieves from gaining access by smashing the glass. Bespoke parts are available for most popular van makes.
  • Van alarms: these can also be fitted to protect your vehicle, deter thieves and limit the length of time they have to steal from your van before they are disturbed.
  • Trackers: these can help to locate your vehicle following a theft, but chances are your tools and other contents will be long gone before the vehicle is found.