Monument OMAT Plumber’s Soldering Mat


Patented high temperature mat for use with butane and propane when soldering 15mm to 22mm pipes.

300mm x 300mm.

Made in Britain.

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Monument OMAT Plumber’s Soldering Mat

OMAT is manufactured from heavy duty density glass weave fibre. The cut out shape enables the mat to be wrapped around pipe work reducing the risk of damage to the surroundings when using a gas torch. Make sure you use the correct sized mat for the work you are doing. Place the mat behind the work, but not too close so that the flame is always on the same point of the mat. The OMAT is designed for use with butane and propane gas and will provide protection in most soldering work. Remember that the flame temperature of your torch is hot enough to melt steel so exercise caution. Do not lay the mat on a floor and solder it because damage to the floor and floor covering will occur. If the mat should start to glow at the point of the flame, move the mat around. Use unheated parts of the mat to continue work. The unique OMAT die cut shame with overlap with give a tight fit around the pipe. OMAT is subject to wear and tear during normal use. A damaged or burnt mat should not be used as it will not offer the stated protection. Check your mat each time before use.

European standard BS476. Patent number GB2406515. Remove all packaging prior to use.

Made in Britain.

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